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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The First Priest to Occupy Our Rectory

Following the departure of Father Shaner for Trinity Church in Lawrence, we were without a full time regular priest for a few months and had an interim priest serving here by the name of Father Kenneth Ives Rice for a few months. He was here a few months until the new and full time pastor, Reverend Carleton Clark arrived. Father Clark arrived in December, 1927 and remained through October 14, 1934. Father and Mrs. Clark were the first residents of the rectory, which was finished in 1928.

Our first Ordination Ceremony took place under Father Clark's tenure on May 16, 1930. Charles R. Davies was ordained to the priesthood. He had spent a couple years working here at Epiphany so he was well-known by the congregation. On February 8, 1931 our church hosted the Diocesan Convention. There were three services held that day of which the morning and afternoon services were held at the church, but the evening service was held in Memorial Hall and there were 850 persons present for that one service; the most persons ever in our church, or affiliated with our church.



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